About Rembrandt Polycolour

Lyra Rembrandt Polycolor pencils are manufactured in Germany at the heart of the global pencil industry. 

German manufacturing has long since been reknowned for bringing the most premium quality, innovative pencils and are world leaders in pencil technology and manufacture.

Rembrandt Polycolour pencils are oil based and give luminous, soft, lightfast, artists' quality finish - perfect for fine lines and large coloured areas on paper, cardboard, plastic, wood and textiles.

Perfect pencils for crafting, the easy blending and buttery smoothness of the colour makes this pencil a joy to work with for any crafter. 

Rembrandt Polycolour are a PREMIUM GRADE pencil at a fantastic price point which makes them very affordable compared to other similar pencil brands of the same quality.

In addition, one of the unique qualities of this pencil is that it is LIGHTFAST (most other brands are not, and those that are usually are a much higher price because brands charge for the additional manufacturing costs associated with providing Lightfast products).
This means that cardmakers in particular can be assured that if you colour an image and place it on a greeting card which is placed on a windowsill, it won't have faded within a couple of days like almost all other pencil brands including the very well known top premium brands you will have most likely heard of!  
In addition scrapbookers can also be assured that this product will not fade over time (ensure colouring does not come into contact with photos as this is an oil based product).

72 colours available.

To see the colour chart please refer to the chart at the top of the page.

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