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Wk 2...B=BRIGHT, The Pencil Case Crafting Challenge

Welcome to the 2nd Crafting Challenge here at The Pencil Case!
Our lovely Design Team members are all here to show you how amazing 
Lyra Rembrandt Polycolour Pencils are and to show you some fun ways of using pencils along the way!! 
THE PENCIL CASE FACEBOOK GROUP IS HERE - PLEASE JOIN US! We have some loovely people in the group and we are learning about pencils together so it's a great platform to learn and share together!



Nikky will be showcasing all about these amazing pencils and showing how to use them with your other mediums to get some amazing results so tune in to see some great techniques and education! We've put together a special kit using some of our favourite tools so don't miss this show!
You can watch on Sky 674, Freeview 36, Virgin 748, Freesat 813 or watch online HERE live or later by viewing the programme in the schedule.

The Lyra Rembrandt Polycolour oil based range of pencils have been around for many years and are tried and tested Artist's Quality LIGHTFAST pencils which you will love! They have always been quite difficult to get hold of here in the UK but Premium Art Brands are now the UK Distributor for this great range - and we're here to show you how lovely they are!
The Lyra Splender Blender is reknowned as being the best pencil blender available and is widely used by Artist's with other brands of pencils too...
These great pencils are really smooth and buttery in texture and consistency and offer a fantastic range of bright, vibrant colours which blend really easily and work on a fantastic array of different surfaces. 
They are German manufactured which means superior quality to many other well known brands and being high on the Lightfast Scale means that unlike many other brands you can be assured if you colour an image with Lyra Rembrandt Polycolour the image wont be all faded in 2 days from sitting on a windowsill - UBER important to us as crafters! 
The points stay much sharper than many other pencils and they have fantastic quality leads which are water resistant and don't give wax build-up to give you that 'blooming' effect many other pencils are synonymous with. 
Lyra Rembrandt Polycolour will also combine with your other oil-based pencil brands too, expanding the range of colours you might have in your collection.

Lyra Rembrandt Polycolour pencils are available from 

and other good Art & Craft stores across the UK.  
If you are a retailer and would like to stock this product please contact us HERE.

So let's get to the challenge....

This week we are sponsored by the fabulous
So make sure you go over to their lovely Digi Store for some great images to colour in! 
Prize $12
This week our challenge is


This can be bright colours you've used, bright papers, whatever you wish so long as the make is lovely and bright in colour! Easy peasy!

So you can enter the challenge with ANY project you like as long as you coloured it with a medium
(pencils, markers, inks, paints, whatever you like) - our only other rule is that you can only enter twice!
Prizes: You can win a $12 voucher for the Sponsor's digi store, who are our sponsors for this week - we will choose a winner via
We also have a set of 12 Lyra Rembrandt Polycolour pencils to give away - to win this you need to be in the UK so please add UK next to your name in your entry. Again we will choose a winner via

Nikky...Unfortunately I havent been able to make a full project this week, but it's all about the colouring, right? This image was actually the first one I coloured with my Rembrandt Polycolour 2or 3 months back when I first got them and it blew me away with the vibrancy of colour...
There are a few things I'd change about it but for me the first time you pick up a new tool to use it the results are always really important for me so I wanted to share this with you. This image is also on a really smooth paper (my 160gsm Ultimate Graphic) which doesnt have too much tooth but it still produces amazing results which is testament to the quality of the pencil. I can't remember all the colours I used unfortunately as I didnt write them down at the time stupid me *bashes self around face with a wet fish*....(image Oddella from Polkadoodles).
I really hope you can join me on Create and Craft on Thursday where I'll be able to show you more in the flesh! The biggest thing I love about any kind of pencil is the texture - if you want smooth you can use a marker but to really add depth and major texture use a pencil and for me, I think that makes great results more achievable, especially if you are a learner and less confident or struggle with your blending.

Scatty Jan  Ohhhh lovely challenge Bright Colours . I decided to make a little bag which I cut on my portrait . I then coloured up the wonderful digi from the Serenity Collection from Polkadoodles She is a dream to colour up using the pencils . I finished off adding Glamour dust to her wings for a little sparkle.
The colours I have used are
Skin 032/092/032/094
Blues 53/554/55
Pinks 28/29/93

Cara - I love love love bright colours and these pencils are so vibrant it makes this challenge a breeze! I used this chance to stretch out summer a little longer and make a very sunshiney card!

Colours used:
Skin: White, Burnt Ochre, Venetian Red, Van Dyck Brown and Rose Carmine
Hat: Burnt Ochre, Raw Umber, Van Dyck Brown
Hair and Skirt: Burnt Ochre, Ochre, Dark Orange, Light Orange
Shoes and T-Shirt: Black, Viridian, True Blue

Yvonne - Hello there everyone! I have been having so much fun with these pencils and I decided for my 'bright' challenge I would go for the pinks, you can achieve really deep and pastel tones with these pencils and for a lover of all things pink - that's a huge tick box for me! I coloured Serenity Fairy Kisses from the Serenity Collection.  
I used the following pencils:
Skin: 32, 89, 92
Hair: 83, 87, 76
Dress: 29, 28, 27
Flowers & Butterfly: 47, 48, 44

Susan - This is the image I started earlier and have just finished her . Wandering Star from the new collection Frosted Winter.....I am just loving these amazing Pencils!....

Pencils I have used
Skin - Venetian Red ,Burnet Ochre ,White ,Rose Carmine ,Van Dyke Drown
Hair - Cream ,Van Dyke Brown
Clothes - Light Blue ,Paris Blue ,Prussian Blue
Pink Madder Lake ,Rose Madder ,Light Carmine ,Rose Carmine
Boots , Van Dyke Brown ,Dark Sepia

Lou: For the bright challenge I have used a Saturated Canary image coloured of course with my pencils. Colouring the image was a breeze and am amazed at how sharp my pencils remain even after using them over and over again!
 The colours I used were:
Skin - white, ochre, gold ochre pale geranium
Hair - dark sepia, van dyck brown, black, white
Dress - Moss green, light orange, light blue, dark carmine, canary yellow
Boots - moss green, olive green, black
Balloon - light orange, white

Wow, some stunning work!
The Design Team have certainly had some fun using their new Rembrandt Polycolours!! 

We really hope you'll join in the challenge with us and come back regularly to join in the fun - we will be here every 2 weeks so we can't wait to see what you enter - just use Thumblinky below!



The winner of our Week 1 challenge will be announced next Saturday....
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